Prairie Fires Alba was born September 1, 2019. She is a big loving girl with a happy, laid back
disposition. She loves to cuddle but needs her exercise too – she never forgets to wake me up
at 4:15 am for our morning run! She can be standoffish with strangers at first but will quickly
warm up. She has never shown signs of aggression towards people and loves children. She can
be defensive with other dogs around her kennel or water bowl but will work well with other
dogs in the field and generally ignores them. She is well behaved on a leash and is not an
excessive barker.
As a hunting dog she is a pleasure to have in the field. She generally is very cautious working
birds and has a good solid point. Sometimes she will get a bit too far ahead if one is running but
can be called back and is getting better and figuring out shooting range as she gets older. She is
a great retriever with a soft mouth and always brings birds proudly to hand. She has not been
force trained to retrieve. She is eager to please and will respond to voice correction alone. She
loves the water and will happily retrieve and search for ducks.
Alba has completed the Versatile Hunting Dog Federations Hunting Aptitude test (54) and the
Advanced Hunting Aptitude test (160). Alba’s radiographs have been checked by the
Orthopedic Foundation For Animals (OFA) at 26 months of age and is listed as having Excellent
hips and Normal Elbows. At the time of writing, she has no know health problems.