Muddy Water’s Dora was born April 13, 2015. She is a wonderful dog to hunt over and to live with. At home she has a sweet and very playful nature. She is keen to learn tricks and loves to curl up to cuddle when it is bedtime. She does need a lot of exercise and can be quite demanding about walk and play time. She will not hesitate to let you know what she wants! She is standoffish at first with strangers but quickly warms up to them. She has never displayed aggression to people and is gentle with children. She generally ignores other dogs while on a walk.

 In the field she is all business. Dora will go miles and miles without tiring and has a great nose. She is still young but is developing good steadiness on point. Her real strength is retrieving dead or crippled game or flushing birds out of dense cover; she will not stop searching until you drag her away. She has not been force trained to retrieve. She does tend to range out a bit far at first but will call back well and is getting better with a few seasons under her belt. Tracy often exercises her by taking her out horseback riding so some of the ranginess is likely owner driven. She absolutely loves the water and it is difficult to keep her out of it. At one time she swam out more than 300m to retrieve a crippled Canada goose that was almost half her size!

Dora has passed the Versatile Hunting Dog Federation’s Hunting Aptitude Test and the Advanced Hunting Aptitude Test. Dora’s radiographs have been checked by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) at 33 months of age and is listed as having Good Hips and Normal Elbows. At the time of writing she has no known health problems.

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