Muddy Water’s Dora x Aiko von Sundorph – Litter Arrived September 1, 2019!  4 girls and 7 boys.  All are happy and healthy and getting ready to go to their new homes.  At present 2 boys are looking for suitable homes. Puppies will be ready to go to their new homes after Oct 26. They will be vaccinated and dewormed.

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Our Guarantee:

It is our aim to provide healthy, capable hunting dogs to our buyers. If this proves not to be the case due to poor genetic health or lack of hunting ability we will either refund the purchase price of the puppy and/or take it back. We will not pay veterinary bills and we will not replace a puppy. We will not guarantee breeding potential. We do not ship puppies, you will need to come and pick up your puppy.


We have done everything in our power to provide a healthy, well bred puppy to good hunting homes. We expect our buyers to do the following:

  • Provide good veterinary care including all recommended vaccinations and parasite control.
  • Provide good nutrition: We recommend feeding and AAFCO certified pet food for at minimum the first 12 months. Feeding of raw foods is not recommended.
  • Provide a loving and stable home environment. Our dogs are great hunting companions but they are also first and foremost members of our family. These dogs need attention, regular exercise and love. They will not thrive if left home alone without exercise for long periods of time.
  • Train your dog: We have done everything we can from the genetic side but all dogs need training. Start as soon as you get home! We have a number of books to recommend but also suggest you look up dog clubs near you for additional help. We also strongly encourage all owners to register their puppies in the first level of any of the recognized hunting evaluation tests (see: testing criteria: Part of your purchase price includes $100 towards the cost of registration for one of theses tests. If you complete the test (pass or fail) it will be refunded to you. Participation in these tests is very important as it allows us to evaluate how well puppies from this litter may preform. Preparation for the test, and test day itself, are outstanding training opportunities for young dogs.
  • Keep us informed of any concerns or questions you may have.

Dora’s Registration:

Photo Gallery of Dora

Aiko’s details:

Name: Aiko von Sundorph
Owners: Les & Patty Piecowye
DOB: Feb 28, 2017
Breeder: Hubert Schlichtmann, Heek, Germany
Wt: 75 lbs
Colour: Plated
Colour Genotype: BB, DD
HD free, Elbows normal at 18 months

Aiko is still a young dog but he is developing really nicely. He is a stylish hunter with lots of range and a flashy point. He is careful not to “bump” birds. He is developing nicely as a retriever and has a naturally soft mouth. He will trail well and will work hard to find downed game. He loves water and is a strong swimmer. He will sit quietly in the duck blind. At home Aiko is a friendly and active dog. He gets along well with people and with other dogs. 

Aiko’s Registration(pdf)  

Images of Aiko: